Anchoring of insulation in constructions of passive and energy efficient houses


Modern trends of environment-friendly energy efficient houses increase the requirements for thermal insulation of facilities. The result is that better insulation materials are installed, which often also requires a safer and sturdier anchoring method. Modern anchoring systems have thus not only to be able to protect the outer walls of the facility from weather, but also from the effects of the weight of the insulation system itself. And it is exactly the complex design of the Spiral Anksys® system, which combines both the adhesive and the anchoring quality in a single technological step that presents such an ideal solution.


The installation principle of the Spiral Anksys® system enables to safely attach insulation elements of up to 300 mm thick and at the same time eliminates the creation of the heat bridges in the connection points, thus maintaining the thermal insulation parameters of the walls unaffected.


Basic Specification provádění:

Anchore type: Spiral Anksys® 15+
Foam type: Spiral Anksys® Foam SAF 02
Characteristic carrying capacity:

Min. 0,5 kN according to TO 11/0155

Safety index: 2 according to TO 11/0155
Carrying capacity: 1,0 kN
Informative anchor consumption (SA): cca 8 pieces/m2

Certificate of Capability – professional installation

Realization of the Spiral Anksys® system is conditioned by acquaintance of specific technology and shall be exclusivelly carried out by professionally competent firms and workers. The firm, the workers of which were duly trained for specific Spiral Anksys® technologies, obtains a Certificate of Capability.