Anchoring of internal insulation and systems of wall and ceiling heating systems


The anchoring of wall and ceiling heating system boards, as well as thermal insulation boards in interior thermal insulation systems is another field, which enables an effective use of the Spiral Anksys® technology.


A good example of such a system is the Heatsys® Wall system of the company ECORAW®.


This is a low temperature surface heating system, which provides the heating of rooms via heated walls. When installing such systems, individual Heatsys® boards are anchored exclusively with the Spiral Anksys® technology without the use of any additional supporting structures.


In only one single step, the anchored elements are firmly fixed, dilated and distanced. When the anchored point hardens (approximately 2 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity), the hot water pipes can be installed, including the final panelling and/or coating.


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