Sanasys® Duplex

doubling the thermally insulating systems and anchoring the multileveled strata


Sanasys® Duplex is a technological procedure developed for the purpose of doubling the thermally insulating systems. This system is realized in case of revitalization of current contact thermally insulating systems ETICS, when the original thickness of the thermally insulating material does not comply with the current thermally-technical parameters any more. Added reason for Sanasys® Duplex  applicaton is the necessity of reconstruction of damaged insulations when the original thermally insulating system does not comply with the current thermally-technical requirements any more. The repair and restoration of the thermally insulating systems based on anchoring with the Spiral Anksys® technology is profitable in many respects.

For the purpose of renewal of cohesion and holding force. Identification of the conditions under the insulation group of layers and timely repair of defects with the application of the technology of the company ECORAW® enable the preservation of the function of the thermally insulating system, which was realized with failures, without the risk of damages to property and health.

The owner of the property can make repairs to the thermal insulation, or even increase the thickness of the insulation layer by attaching additional insulation layers. The resulting high-quality repair by means of the Spiral Anksys® technology is advantageous from all points of view. The installation is quick, no special skills or tools are required, the thermal insulation does not have to be removed or disposed, which saves money and is also environment-friendly.


Sanasys DUPLEX