FAQ - frequently asked questions

Why to anchor the thermally insulating systems with Spiral Anksys®  ?

This progressive technique provides for a perfect anchoring effect. This is thanks to a combination of the adhesive and anchoring effect, which enables the insulation to be attached to any kind of surface, regardless of its coherence, planeness and/or humidity.  By applying the foam to the anchoring point, the insulation is firmly fixed and the creation of the pillow effect is prevented. The vibration resistance, life span and safety of the whole insulation system are thus improved.

The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system combines fixation, dilation and distancing into one. As compared to a standard mechanic anchoring, the Spiral Anksys® technology is not only an additional anchoring option, but it also fully takes over the whole support regardless of the state of the surface. The insulation system is safely fixed against wind suction, vibrations and combined loads, with increased shearing resistance.


Is it possible to use discretionary anchoring foam ?

No. For filling the anchors Spiral Anksys® inserted into the anchoring place with foam, only the specially designed polyurethane foams delivered by the company ECORAW shall be used exclusively. the insulation technologies and materials have been verified in the long-term research and development and are exclusively designed for this purpose.  The Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) is an integral part of each package of  Spiral Anksys®. Substitution is inaccessible!


Does temperature affect the anchoring process?

Filling of the anchors Spiral Anksys® (SA) with foam shall be realized exclusively with the expansive polyurethane foam SAF delivered by the company ECORAW®. Filling with foam shall be always realized at temperature of  -5 °C to +30 C°. When applying, always follow carefully the technical instructions, regulations and applicable standards listed in technological manual. Caution ! The real consumption of anchors Spiral Anksys® filled with foam from one cartridge Spiral Anksys® foam 750 ml depends on air temperature (see. Consumption and yield –  technical leaflet).


How to apply Spiral Anksys® Foam properly?

Filling with foam shall be always realized from the bottom of the hole of the frame; therefore, it is necessary to adapt the length (20mm extra) of the used hose to ensure the anchoring place is fully filled with foam throughout the whole length. PVC hoses are standardly delivered with anchoring foams. Spare hoses can be as well ordered separately. If you require spare hoses, please contact your ECORAW® partner.


How to drill an anchoring hole?

When using the Spiral Anksys® technology, it is possible to drill the hole through the various insulation layers with a drill bit diameter 14 mm. Existing methods of anchoring predominantly make use of the mechanical anchoring by means of metal and plastic wall plugs. As compared to mechanic anchors with metal or plastic thorns, the Spiral Anksys® does not depend on the state of the anchoring hole. The SAF expansion foam firmly fixes and bonds all the loose parts, regardless of the damage (with e.g. honeycomb or hollow elements).


Is the delivered Spiral Anksys® technology certified?

The technology Spiral Anksys® is verified and fully certificated in the area of building insulations and its technical properties and parameters solely acquit the National and European standards assessed by Building Testing and Research Institude. The technology Spiral Anksys® and is a fully certified technology of the company ECORAW, which is the bearer of certifications according to ETAG 014 and ETAG 004.


How many anchors per m2 are required?

The lenght, quatity and position of anchors Spiral Anksys® are stated in anchorage sheme or more precisely in project documentation. The minimum number of anchors Spiral Anksys® for anchoring the contact systems ETICS is 6 pieces per one square meter. The minimum number of anchors Spiral Anksys® for anchoring the partially contact and contactless insulations is 7 – 8 pieces per one square meter. The whole adhesion of the system is ensured with the system Spiral Anksys®.


Where to buy the Spiral Anksys® technology?

If you are interested in ECORAW® technologies, please don't hesitate to contact ECORAW® partners listed at www.spiralanksys.com, section Business partners. Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) is delivered in sufficient quantity as an integral part of each Spiral Anksys® packing.