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Spiral Anksys® - basic installation procedure


Anchoring with the Spiral Anksys® technologies can be applied 24 hours after the fixation of the thermal insulation boards and usually it is applied before the priming layer. The length, number, position to the ground (supporting) layer and spacing of the Spiral Anksys® anchors on the thermal insulation boards are specified in the anchoring plan, or the project documentation of the specific system.


1. Drilling

Drilling of the hole through the insulation layers with a drill with diameter 14 mm. Minimum anchoring depth is 60 mm (for hollow and sandwich materials 80mm) - refer to the Parameters of anchoring place.

2. Inserting the anchor Spiral Anksys®

When inserting the anchor we recommend using the application fixture ECORAW® with a distance ring, which ensures inserting the anchor into adequate depth. Minimum recommended depth is 10mm beneath to the depth of the thickness of the insulating material.

3. Filling of the anchors Spiral Anksys® with foam

Filling with foam shall be always realized from the bottom of the hole of the frame; therefore, it is necessary to adapt the length of the used hose to ensure the anchoring place is fully filled with foam throughout the whole length.

Filling of the anchors Spiral Anksys® (SA) with foam shall be realized exclusively with the expansive polyurethane foam SAF delivered by the company ECORAW®. SAF should be applied in a temperature range of -5 °C up to +30 C°. When applying, always follow carefully the technical instructions, regulations and applicable standards listed in technological manual.

4. Final surfacing

After the foam hardens (minimum period of 2 hours depending on air temperature and humidity), the expansion overflow of the foam shall be cut off on the plane of the surface of the insulating material. The application of other surface treatment can be realized after 24 hours (by this time, the anchoring place is fully hardened).