Spiral Anksys® - technical specifications


Specifications of anchoring technique:

Anchor type: Spiral Anksys® +15
Filling foam: Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF)
Carrying capacity:  Min. 0,5 kN according to TO 11/0155
Shearing load: Min. 1,0 kN according to TO 11/0155
Assurance coefficient Ym: 2,0
Minimal thickness of insulant:

80 mm (without SSAF - 0 cm2) / 50 mm (at SSAF - min. 50 cm2)

Maximum thickness of insulant: 300 mm (SA 15+)
Type of constructions:

A,B,C,D,E according to ETAG 014



Aplication parametres:

Type of applicator: tubular applicator with gas without CFC
Tubular applicator lenght/diameter: 20 mm + lenght of anchor La, diameter 7/5 mm
Application temperature: from -5 °C up to +30 °C
Drill size  d0: 14,0 mm
Depth of drilling hole h1: 70 mm (hef + 10 mm)
Efficient anchoring depth hef: min. 60 mm
Minimum depth of embedding Zmin: 10 mm
Edge distance/ axial distance: 100 mm / 100 mm
Drilling procedure:

impact drilling, Keep removing running drill from the hole twice to clean out the excess material

Anchor embedding: application fixture with a distance ring ECORAW
Foam application technique:

Filling with foam shall be always realized from the bottom of the hole – first load shall be pressurized

Hardening: fully hardened after 24 hours
Trimming: After the foam hardens (cca 2 hours depending on air temperature and humidity), the expansion overflow of the foam shall be cut off
Final surfacing: after 24 hours
UV radiation: anchoring place should be overlapped within 60 days